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Swiss O Week 2021 Arosa


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Below you can order further products if required.

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Map with all 2021 SOW stages and SOW trainings
Map in format XXL (1:12'500, folded) with all SOW stages and SOW trainings.
CHF 25.00
Maps of the 2023 SOW competition areas
As an optimal preparation for the Swiss O Week you can order a package with the following maps covering the SOW competition area:
  • La Mutta 2011
  • Flims Waldhaus 2011/2014
  • Vorab 2011
  • Nagens 2011
  • Crap Sogn Gion 2011
  • Plaun 2021
  • Uaul Grond 2013
  • Foppa 2011/2014
  • CHF 20.00
    Sac à chaussures
    Bag to store or transport various things in.
    CHF 10.00
    Arm bag
    Arm bag to carry along keys, masks, mobil phones and many more thing
    CHF 5.00
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